Student Conduct and Discipline Due Process     File a Report


Possible Sanctions

    1. Withdrawal of Consent to Remain on District Property
      1. The Superintendent/President, College Chief of Police/designee, Vice President of Student Services/Assistant Superintendent, and Conduct Dean are authorized to notify any person for whom there is a reasonable belief that the person has willfully disrupted the orderly operation of the District that consent to remain on District property has been withdrawn. If the person is on District property at the time, they must promptly leave or be escorted off site.
      2. Withdrawal of consent to remain on District property issued to a student shall not exceed fourteen (14) calendar days from the date upon which consent was initially withdrawn.
      3. Any student whose consent to remain on District property has been withdrawn who knowingly re-enters the campus during the period in which consent has been withdrawn, except to attend a hearing with the Conduct Dean, is subject to arrest.
      4. Withdrawal of consent does not preclude any other disciplinary actions under these procedures for student violation of the District’s Student Conduct Standards.
    2. Exclusion from Class or Activity
      1. An instructor may decide to exclude a student from up to two class meetings and shall notify the Conduct Dean and Department Chair. Classwork missed during an instructor removal may not be made up, and the days of removal are considered unexcused absences.
      2.  Any faculty or administrative staff who are assigned to supervise a library, tutorial center, instructional laboratory, study facility, or other site of extra-curricular activities such as clubs and athletics may exclude a student for no more than two (2) days of required attendance, or if attendance is notrequired, for two (2) consecutive days and shall notify the Conduct Dean and supervising administrator
    3. Immediate Interim Suspension
      If the Conduct Dean determines it is necessary to protect lives or property and to ensure the maintenance of order, a student may be immediately suspended from some or all classes and class-related activities, pending an opportunity for a hearing within ten (10) calendar days.  
    4. Probation or Short-term Suspension
      If the Conduct Dean determines that good cause exists to impose a period of probation or short-term suspension, the Administrative Decision shall specify the length of time of the probation or suspension and the parameters of activities covered by the sanction. Probation allows for conditional continued enrollment under stated restrictions. Short-term suspension excludes a student from one or more classes and/or extra-curricular activities for a specified period of less than ten (10) days of instruction. The Conduct Dean’s determination of probation or short-term suspension or lesser disciplinary action shall be final and cannot be appealed. Violations of either probation or short-term suspension may be cause for more serious disciplinary action.
    5. Long-term Suspension
      If the Conduct Dean determines that good cause exists to suspend the student from the District on a long-term basis, the Administrative Decision shall specify the length of the long-term suspension, which may range from exclusion from one or more classes for more than ten (10) days of instruction up to one or more terms.   A long-term suspension includes exclusion from class-related activities and extra-curricular activities for a concurrent period unless otherwise indicated.  
    6. Restitution and/or Restorative Remedies
      If the Conduct Dean determines that good causes exists to impose restitution for damages caused to District or personal property, the Conduct Dean shall determine monetary penalty as compensation for damage resulting from student misconduct.
      Restitution may take the form of appropriate services identified by the District. If the Conduct Dean determines that participation in restorative remedies is appropriate a restorative plan will be written in the Notice of Administrative Decision.
    7. Expulsion
      If the Conduct Dean recommends expulsion, he or she shall forward the matter to the Vice President of Student Services. Expulsion means permanent exclusion of the student by the Board of Trustees from all District courses, activities, and presence on District property. The Vice President of Student Services shall determine whether to accept, modify, or reject the Conduct Dean’s Administrative Decision. If the Conduct Dean’s expulsion recommendation is accepted, the Vice President shall forward the recommendation to the Superintendent/President. If the Conduct Dean’s Administrative Decision is rejected or modified, the student shall receive written notice of the new Administrative Decision.