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The Sonoma County Junior College District supports a safe, productive learning environment to foster intellectual curiosity, integrity and accomplishment as defined in the District Mission and Goals.

The District holds that students shall conduct themselves in a manner which reflects their awareness of common standards of decency and the rights of others. Interference with the District’s mission, objectives, or community life shall be cause for disciplinary action.

A student is defined as a person who is currently enrolled as a student in a credit or noncredit class or in community service offerings of the District; engaged in District activities in preparation for enrollment; or enrolled as a student or preparing for enrollment at the time of an alleged violation of the Standards of Conduct.

In some circumstances these standards of conduct may apply to conduct that occurs off campus when the Conduct Dean determines there is reasonable association with the District. In cases involving sexual misconduct, the jurisdiction will be determined by the Title IX Officer/Vice President, Human Resources.

Policy 8.2.8: The full policy may be found here.

Procedure 8.2.8P: The full procedure may be found here.

Conduct Administrators

Santa Rosa Campus and all other locations including online:

Robert Ethington, Sr. Dean of Students
Voice: (707) 527-4573    Text msg: (707) 326-5608

Petaluma Campus:

Michelle Vidaurri, Director Student Engagement and Support Services, Petaluma          
Voice: (707) 778-2401